Synthetic Robin diesel engine oil is of API quality: CI-4. This product has a high quality level diesel engines. This product coincides with the design of diesel engines in 2002 formulated for engines advanced diesel is used. A semi-synthetic lubricant that combines additives with superior quality oil and lubricants Synthetic and hydrofluoric minerals. This product has superior features such as excellent resistance equal oxidation, high cleansing power and optimum viscosity index, lubrication of the engine in tough operating conditions guaranteed.

International Standards / Authentication Approvals

Robin all-Synthetic Diesel oil


In turbocharged and supercharged diesel engines where the CI-4 quality level is recommended,
Heavy machinery is used for road construction.

Superior features
Excellent detoxification
Effective protection of the anti-wear and anti-corrosion engine
High heat resistance and excellent protection of parts
Maintaining properties during operation, increasing switching times and saving oil
Awesome fluidity at low temperatures, easy and fast start up
Maximum engine efficiency and minimum exhaust emissions


Robin all-Synthetic Diesel oil