All-synthetic Rubin gasoline engine has an API-quality level: SN / CF. this product is in line with the best the current quality level of the world in the lubricants industry is the gasoline engine series. In the design engine of the year 2011 and above. The lubricant is all synthetic and combines the highest level of additives and synthetic oils have been used in its production. This product with better resistance to oxidation the coating of most parts in severe operating conditions can provide a higher protection of gasoline engines against sedimentation make its special formulation results in a dramatic improvement in engine oil performance at low temperatures.
The low viscosity of this product provides significant savings in fuel consumption. In terms of maintaining quality Energy is standard. In addition, the product itself also has high thermal resistance and low volatility and its properties Consumption is maintained.
The structure of this product ensures its performance at high temperatures and tough operating conditions. This product feature for working on CNG gasoline engines.

International Standards / Authentication Approvals

Robin All Synthetic Gasoline Oil


Gasoline engines, gas powered engines that are recommended for SN quality, as well as diesel engines
Turbocharged and supercharged that the CF quality level is recommended.


Superior features
Excellent anti-oxidation resistance, superior superficial strength and superior surface protection
Superior thermal resistance, low volatility and greater stability during operation
Proper engine sealing, non-leakage of elastomeric parts and compatibility with other engine parts
Maintaining properties during operation, increasing switching times and saving oil
Low viscosity, high viscosity index and fuel economy
Awesome fluidity at low temperatures, easy and fast start up


Robin All Synthetic Gasoline Oil