The group of Rubin petroleum CNG gas engines has API quality levels: SL / CF, CF, and in order to control sediment, Wear, oxidation and nitration of turbocharged gas turbine engines with high output power. The combination of the best the quality level of low-grade additives and high-grade hydrophobic synthetic and mineral based oils. These products are compatible with NSCR type exhaust catalysts. By forming a resistant layer on the friction surfaces between the parts it reduces the engine and provides better protection against wear. Its cleansing properties result in cleanliness higher and improved engine performance.

International Standards / Authentication Approvals

Robin CNG gas turbine oil


In gas-fueled gas- fueled gas engines, which are recommended for CF quality, as well as in bus engines and gas-fueled trucks.

Superior features
Compatible with engine parts and components and exhaust catalysts
Maintaining properties during operation, increasing switching times and saving oil
Engine cleansing power
Safe lubrication in high temperature and high pressure conditions and increased engine power
Suitable fluidity at low temperatures, easy and safe startup


Robin CNG gas turbine oil