Robin Semi-synthetic diesel engine oil has an API-quality level of CH-4. This product meets the high quality level Diesel engine series. This product coincides with the design of diesel engines in 1998, formulated for engines advanced diesel is used. A lubricant with a special formulation and a combination of supplements and base oils Synthetic and hydro treated minerals. This product with superior cleaning power results in cleanliness of the engine it increases the useful life of the oil and engine. Anti-wear properties, anti-oxidation and its optimal thermal stability certain lubrication will occur during operation.

International Standards / Authentication Approvals

Robin Semi-synthetic Diesel oil


Turbocharged and supercharged diesel engines that are recommended for quality CH-4. Also in machinery heavy road construction including loader, grader, bulldozer, excavator, etc., as mentioned in the catalog, can be used.

Superior Features
Efficient protection of the engine in severe operating conditions
High resistance to engine heat and excellent protection of parts
Maintaining properties during operation, increasing switching times and saving oil
Suitable for diesel engines with a sulfur content of 5000 ppm or higher
Minimum exhaust emissions from exhaust and comply with international standards