Semi-synthetic gasoline petrol engine Rubin has API-quality level: SM / CF. This product has quality levels the top in the lubricants industry is the petrol series. Use in the design engine of 2010 and lower. The lubricant is semi-synthetic and combines the best quality additives, synthetic base oils and mineral hydro treated in its production has been used. This product forms a resistant layer on the surfaces reduces friction between engine parts and provides better abrasion resistance. The stable viscosity of this product at high temperatures and high tensions, it reduces fuel consumption and increases service life. Cleansing properties and its strong anti-oxidation results in higher purity and improved engine performance.

International Standards / Authentication Approvals

Robin Semi-synthetic Gasoline Oil

Gasoline engines whose SM quality level is recommended, as well as in turbocharged and supercharged diesel engines. Charging that the CF quality level is recommended.

Superior features
High oxidation resistance, optimal coating strength and surface protection
Compatible with engine parts and components and catalytic converters
Maintaining properties during operation, increasing switching times and saving oil
Low viscosity, high viscosity index and fuel economy
Safe lubrication in high temperature and high pressure conditions and increased engine power
Proper fluidity at low temperatures, easy and safe startup


Robin Semi-synthetic Gasoline Oil