Rubin Synthetic Reducer Oil and Mineral have an API quality rating of: GL-5. This product meets the highest level the quality of the lubricants industry is a series of gear oils. This product is specially designed for use in a gearbox hypoid gearboxes are designed. This low viscosity lubricant combines additives with surfaces superior quality, synthetic and mineral oils are hydrophobic, and in high viscosity include additives with superior quality surfaces and mineral oils are hydrophobic. This product has excellent resistance to pressure and times are wide-ranging in scope. These products can be mounted in axles under strict operating conditions high speed, sudden load and high torque are efficient. Also, under low speed conditions, low torque and load, lubrication Have a good time.

International Standards / Authentication Certificates

Rubin Synthetic Reducer Oil and Mineral


In the differential system of light and heavy vehicles as well as in hypoid gearboxes that have GL-5 quality recommended by the manufacturer.

Superior features
Effective protection of hypoid gears in hard working conditions
Excellent pressure and effective wear reduction
Prevent the formation of foam in the gearbox environment
Multi-grade and usable in all seasons
Resistant to rust, corrosion and oxidation and increase gearbox efficiency