Multi-grade gasoline engine oil of Rubin has API-quality level: SL / CF. This product has a good quality in Lubricants are a gasoline engine series. Used in the design engine of 2001 and below. This lubricant is a combination of the best additives and mineral hydrofluoric base oils. This product is made up of layers resistant to surfaces, reduces friction between engine parts and performs safety lubrication. Properties it has good cleansing and anti-oxidation. This product is a multi-grade engine oil for use throughout the year applicable. Its use in gasoline engines is economical and desirable. All the needs of petrol engines on the level satisfies its quality.

International Standards / Authentication Approvals

Rubin Multi-grade gasoline oil

Gasoline engines whose SL level is recommended, as well as turbocharged diesel engines
Super charge, which CF level is recommended.

Superior features
Reduction of oil and fuel deposits with a good detergent
Compatible with engine parts and components and catalytic converters
Optimum viscosity, optimum viscosity index and fuel economy
Safe lubrication in engine operating conditions
Suitable fluidity at low temperatures, easy startup
Cost effective and maintains engine health during operation


Rubin Multi-grade gasoline oil