Hydraulic group of hydraulic rubbers with anti-wear properties, hydraulic with a low amount of zinc, hydraulic HVI high viscosity index, HFC anti-fire hydraulic, R & O hydraulic, can be produced and supplied. These products a combination of the finest mineral or synthetic base oils and the best supplement of the world today. Which includes degree of viscosity and can meet all the requirements of the hydraulic system. Hydraulic anti-fire is also in Hydraulic systems (mineral and steel industries) are used with a fire hazard.

International Standards / Authentication Certificates

Rubin Hydraulic Oils Group


Hydraulic systems in variable temperature range, Hydraulic systems under pressure, Systems Hydraulic vehicles, hydraulic systems for furnaces and electric motors are used.

Superior features
High stability against oxidation, rust and corrosion
Available as HVI with high viscosity index
Excellent protection against wear and increased durability of piston and blade pumps
The ability to filter and protect against pollution
High stability against HVI type stress
Desirable separation of water
Preventing the formation of foam in operational conditions