Rubin turbine oil group in a variety of gear and non-gear turbines, gas turbines in the conditions operational work is hard to operate. These products are based on hydrofluoric minerals of group II, III or synthetic and high quality additives are formulated with low ash content. Antioxidant additives, boosters, FZG anti-corrosion and metal receivers in the structure of these products provide excellent protection during operation and increase efficient and ultimately reduced maintenance costs. These products are the main turbine needs gas and steam set by the manufacturer.

International Standards / Authentication Certificates

Robin turbine oil group


In a variety of steam turbines, gas, special bearings and all industrial equipment that meet the requirements of standards above should be used.

Superior features
Application of high quality raw materials and increased life span of oil and system
Excellent protection against corrosion and rust
High durability and reduced maintenance costs
Creating optimal reparability properties from water and filterability
Increase oil resistance against oxidation
Minimum total acidity to maintain the quality of oil during operation