Rubin's thermal oils are formulated specially for use in thermal treatment systems. And can it is used in closed indirect thermal systems. In the formulation of this product of base oils that are under heavy refining operations do not have to be cracked against oxidation and high temperatures.
Combined with high-quality additives, the requirements of the heat treatment systems recommended by manufacturers Satisfies. This product has the capability of fast flow at cold temperatures, thereby increasing the local temperatures Prevents severe damage to the system.

International Standards / Authentication Certificates

Rubin heat oils

In a variety of heat transfer systems, the cement, steel, refineries, bitumen and asphalt industry, petrochemicals And power plants.

Superior features
Increase component life and reduce sludge and acid formation
Excellent cleansing and perfect polishing of parts
Reduction of cracking and deformation of crystalline steel
Accelerating the cooling process and durability of quality
Improve oxidation stability in thermal oils
Optimum viscosity in cold and optimal lubrication