The group of industrial gear oils Rubin is a variety of industrial gear oils in industrial systems under heavy load and pressure conditions are being used. Making these products with the use of special additives, especially EP-reducing materials pressure and mineral base oils or fine synthetic oils. These products meet global standards and have international approvals. The use of EP-free and non-ash additives has led to the creation of favorable conditions for the system in shock suddenly, the load and pressure rise.

International Standards / Authentication Certificates

Rubin Industrial Gearbox Group

these products are in industrial gear systems for mining and melting of metals, rubber, paper making and ... case they are also used in gearboxes and power transmission systems.

Superior features
Contains EP additives, high pressure bearing, high pressure and sudden load
Protects parts from corrosion and rust
High thermal stability and oxidation resistance
Desirable separation of water
Contains base oil with high viscosity index and good tolerance to temperature variations