Turbine lubricants in industrial machines with circulating systems, simple bearings, motor pumps electric, closed gears, bushings, slider surfaces and other industrial devices. These products a combination of the finest mineral oils and the best-quality ingredients in the world today. Which includes degree of viscosity Different and can meet all the requirements of the circuit system.

International Standards / Authentication Certificates

Rubin's circulation oil group

In a variety of industrial machinery with circulating systems including simple bearings, electric pump motors, gears, Packages, bushings, sliding surfaces, roll forming systems in steel industry and air compressor systems in the conditions. Soft work is applicable.

Superior features
High stability against oxidation and temperature
excellent filtration and excellent anti-wear properties
Desirable separation of water
preventing the formation of foam in operational conditions
Increase the life of gutters and washers
Optimal in heat transfer and cooling system