Diesel engine lubricated diesel engine or gasoline engine Robin specially designed for two-stroke engines. The combination of the best quality additives with low ash and base oils. It has a strong anti-rust and anti-rust Corrosion even protects the engine in marine saltwater. Its strong cleansing properties lead to higher cleanliness and improved engine performance. .Diesel type for use in engines with heavy sulfur fuel more than 4000 ppm, as well as in engines that are powered by distillation fuels with a sulfur content of less than ppm 1000 are formulated and have high resistance to formation of sediments. Excellent water separation
Good water repellency.

International Standards / Authentication Certificates

Diesel engine lubricating oil and gasoline Robin

In two-stroke gasoline engines, motorcycles, motor boats, motor saws in two-stroke diesel engines
Low-pressure, low-temperature, high pressure high-pressure sea craft, marine over firing, power carriers
Turbocharging, deck facilities and other marine equipment for which this type of oil is recommended.

Superior features
Excellent neutralizing properties of acidic substances resulting from combustion
Protects parts against corrosion and increases the life span of parts
Thermal resistance and high oxidation
It has high-quality detergents to remove contaminations and sediment in the engine
Desirable separation of water
It has a wide range of TBN values to match engine and fuel conditions