Types of lubricant motors for medium-range robin piston trunks by experienced refinery specialists Dynamic Petrochemicals are formulated and the production of these products by using special additives and high quality minerals it's great. These products are in accordance with international standards and have international approvals.
Petro Amout Pouya Refinery A major holding in the export of light and heavy hydrocarbon products to other The countries of the world and effective exchanges in the field of supply of heavy hydrocarbons and lubricants required by the ship In the international arena. Having a well-equipped laboratory and experienced staff in this series of research fields Provides development in the production of these products and, on the other hand, providing accurate and coherent information leads to satisfaction. Customers have been. The superior properties of this product, such as oxidation stability and high cleansing power, lead to the neutralization of combustible acidic materials and prolonging the useful life of the ship's engine is due.

International Standards / Authentication Certificates

The group of marine oils

Four-stroke mid-range piston tire engines, power transmission gearboxes and auxiliary bunkers Marine is used.

Superior features
Excellent neutralizing properties of acidic substances resulting from combustion
Protects parts against corrosion and increases the life span of parts
Thermal resistance and high oxidation
It has high-quality detergents to remove contaminations and sediment in the engine
Desirable separation of water
It has a wide range of TBN values to match engine and fuel conditions