Antifreeze and anti-rubbing Rubin for use in cooling systems of all types of diesel and gasoline engines in the conditions. A hard operation has been formulated. It meets the highest standard levels and performance of its kind. This is a hybrid product effective from the world's best additives and multi-capacity alcohols. Its performance range from low temperatures -40 ᵒC extended to very high temperatures of 168 ᵒC. Special additives in the formulation of product protection components the cooling system and body alloys guarantee corrosion.
In aluminum and iron radiators it can be used. During the operation of the engine, an efficient circulation in the system Radiator and around the engine, and with high heat transfer capability, perfectly balances the ambient temperature.

International Standards / Authentication Certificates

Antidote and anti-rubbing Rubin

In the cooling system of a variety of diesel and gasoline engines of iron or aluminum alloys can be to be used. In cooling systems, all types of diesel and gasoline engines are used.

Superior features
Protecting the cooling system against corrosion
Available in a variety of aluminum or aluminum radiators
High alkalinity to neutralize combustion acids
Compatible with body color, washers and all kinds of water elastomeric bands
Prevent the formation of foam in the radiator environment
Removal of sediment and effective radiator cleaning
Avoid corrosion, rust and cavitation of water pump