Robin Gasoline Antifreeze is a special product that prevents the formation of crystalline networks in fuel due to temperature reduction it affects the shape of these networks. It prevents freezing during the cold season. This fluid product Improves gasoline fuel consumption to a very high rate, and for high wax fuels and boiling point amplitude Extensive design. This material reduces the dropping point and improves the ability to pump fuel. Also it is effective in maintaining the properties of middle-distillate fuels. In order to get the best result of proper liquidation and uniformly with fuel. And this product must be before the cloudy point, which has the proper fluidity Add fuel.

In the cooling system, all kinds of diesel and gasoline engines of the iron or aluminum alloys can be used to be placed. In cooling systems, all types of diesel and gasoline engines are used.

Superior features
Decrease the stability of the dropping point
Decrease stability of the fuel loss point (CFPP)
Available in a variety of aluminum or aluminum radiators
Organic and without ash structure
Absence of metal elements, halogen, sulfur
Ineffective on fuel or aromatics


Robin Gasoline Antifreeze