The Robin group of this set is capable of producing a variety of generic greases including calcium, lithium and lithium complexes, and also, specialized greases such as sulphonated calcium and aluminum graphite comply with national and international standards.
In the formulation of these products, ordinary base mineral oils and high viscosity index (HVI), condensers Soap and a variety of additives are used. These products have very good mechanical strength to be it maintains its properties during the operation and guarantees the protection of parts. A kind of these products which contains EP additives, are capable of preventing the wear of parts.

International Standards / Authentication Certificates

Rubin Lubricants Group

In a variety of rotary and flat bearings, moving parts of industrial machinery including electro motors, pumps, Compressors are a variety of high-temperature fans and air blowers, as well as various parts lubrication Cars are used.

Superior features
Long service life and service life
High mechanical strength
Pump ability in central systems
Water resistance
Resistance to high and sudden loads